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McCarron Coates gets significant response to bespoke FTA policy

18.08.19 · Courier Fleet Insurance

A bespoke insurance solution for van drivers keeping Britain’s economy motoring in a compliant and professional way is already proving popular, following its launch by McCarron Coates and the FTA, for whom we are the insurance partner broker.

McCarron Coates has received numerous enquiries following the policy’s official launch in June 2019 and has already insured van drivers wishing to take advantage of a unique insurance policy with many added-value benefits.

Having used our expertise as a fleet insurance specialist, we are reaping the rewards of instructing underwriters at leading insurer, QBE, to create a bespoke policy exclusively available to van drivers participating in the FTA’s ‘Van Excellence’ scheme as current members, or as new joiners taking out membership with QBE’s help.

The policy offers van drivers every incentive to embrace Van Excellence and improve their risk. It covers any size of fleet wishing to put drivers through the training and auditing of best practice conducted by Van Excellence trainers and inspectors, from fleets with just a few vans, to those with thousands.

The McCarron Coates package offers the policyholder a benefit of their choice. Options are: paying for the cost of the first year’s membership of Van Excellence; the cost of a half-day’s training from the FTA; a Van Excellence audit or a complimentary year’s subscription to the Guide to Van Excellence.

This added-value reflects underwriter QBE’s appreciation of the risk management benefits of a code of excellence focusing on three areas: vehicle, driver and operation. This can significantly change the safety culture within a van fleet, or in a haulage operation in which van drivers have not been put through the same risk management and driver training programmes as the HGV drivers.

Additionally, the cover includes access to a free telematics App, with extensive reporting functionality covering both drivers and vehicles and 90-day access to a CheckedSafe App. The latter assists with the legal responsibility of daily vehicle checks on all commercial vehicles.

Ian McCarron says: “This policy was underwritten specifically for fleet managers and SMEs recognising that van drivers are their brand ambassadors on the road and that best practice and risk management are, therefore, paramount. We are receiving enquiries from exactly this profile of customer and from fleets understanding the benefits of achieving or maintaining the FTA’s Van Excellence standard.”

Paul Coates adds: “The fiercely competitive premiums and added-value benefits of this insurance cover are already encouraging fleet managers to snap up the unique offering. The advantages of displaying a Van Excellence logo that police, DVSA inspectors and other officials know is not won without a commitment to high standards, are not going unnoticed.”

Van fleet operators and SMEs wishing to know more about the policy can call McCarron Coates on 0113 298 3489.